About ME

My name is Francyne Melberg, and I am a graphic designer and artist currently based in North Carolina, originating from Tulsa,Oklahoma. The title artist is a very endearing term, and it’s certainly not one I take lightly. And while I may not be the most philosophical of thinkers, I tend to have deep connections with my work. I believe art is the direct result of seeing possibilities in the world around us. The process of art is one that completely astonishes me. I find it utterly beautiful that humans have the ability to take a blank canvas, a plain piece of wood, or literally any material that they can get their hands on and turn it into something beautiful and creative. This is the philosophy that I take with me wherever I go: to not only see the world, but to also see the possibilities in the world around me. I am a graduate with a BFA in graphic design from Rogers State University in Claremore, Oklahoma.